DATE:         01-15-2023

TO:                 ALL EMPLOYEES   


We are pleased to provide all employees with a method of purchasing individual
low cost coverage through Blue Cross & Blue Shield of SC, and paying 
premiums through convenient payroll deductions.   Plans offered will 
take advantage of large federal premium subsidies which lower the 
cost of coverage and enhance the benefits offered.   There are many 
plans to choose from.

While open enrollment has ended for this year, you may have an 
opportunity to purchase coverage or change your existing coverage
through a special enrollment, such as loss of other coverage, marriage, etc.

To obtain new coverage, or change your existing coverage, please contact
our broker in Greenville, Hal Zoller (Resource Equity Group), to determine 
if you qualify for a special enrollment for 2023.  You may call him at 
864-235-9999 or email, or fill out the form